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Foot's Delight Neuro Reflexology

Presenting "TT Esthetics & Wellness"

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Sorensensistem™ Courses

NEW Class dates and locations.

Hands on Courses

CE Approved Provider for NCBTMB & ARCB

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Phone: 704-640-3278  or  Email:

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Hands on Instruction/ Live Classes


Neuro Hand Reflex Therapy

Lone Sorensen Presenting

February 14-16, 2017  in  Fort Lauderdale, FL

Neuro Hand Reflex Therapy
Do you want to offer your clients yet another amazing treatment for their health?

Learn Lone Sorensen’s Neuro Hand Reflex Therapy method and how to get amazing results for customers with almost any health issues and also improve their overall well being! After this you will exactly know how to treat each client for their individual needs and state of being.

It is based on stimulating zones and 382 specific points in hands. It is practiced with the aim of promoting the self-healing capacity in every person, using a simple stimulation. This kind of stimulus acts over the nervous and endocrine system, improves the circulation, relieves the pain, the stress and tiredness, muscle contraction, psychosomatic diseases as asthma, ulcer, allergies, etc. Furthermore, it improves vitality and stimulates the immune system.

Learning Hand Reflex therapy is very simple and can be used as a unique therapy or as a complement for body massage, Face – and Foot reflexology, aroma therapy or any other complementary therapy, increasing the power of the effect.

The treatment method consists in the use of a micro system of zones and points corresponding to acupuncture micro meridians, located in hands and that can be stimulated in many ways in order to achieve the desired effect:
-With manual pressure
-Magnets or

Two Free additional courses addressing Elderly and School Children's needs 
Learn also a program of hand Reflex therapy for elderly care for health problems such as;
Learn a program for special school children’s needs, such as;
-Emotional problems 
-Learning difficulties

Learn the method that has helped thousands of people around the world - men, women, young and old, all sort of health issues - to transform their lives and notice a significant difference
Date Sensitive                                                                                              
Must Register Before December 1st, 2016
Date: Feb, 14-16, 2017
Location: Fort Lauderdale, FL
Venue: Announced at a later date                                    
Tuition  $525

Contact To Register 
Toni S Wyatt
704-640-3278   Phone or Text   Email                                                  Registration Form

 Hormonal & Infertility Reflex Therapy

Lone Sorensen Presenting

February 17-18, 2017 in Fort Lauderdale, FL

Tuition  $495 


"Learn HORMONAL & INFERTILITY TREATMENT METHOD and get a fantastic easy and fast Hormonal questionaries’ test as tool to check your client’s and your own imbalances"

This method combines Foot- and Facial Reflex Therapy stimulating very specific reflex areas and points and face and feet to influence all over the endocrine system and the brain in a natural way the functioning of the main glands Pituitary and the Hypothalamus and all the hormonal system.

With this method it is possible to regulate ovaries, adrenals, testicles, thyroids and pancreas and balance the glands in order to make them produce a normal number of hormones.
Problems on fertility are becoming more and more common every day around the world, and it is a very delicate and serious issue. It can lead to many problems during the treatment, and a lot of women have passed through programs on fertility that have caused even more hormonal disorders. It also involves many emotions. With the Reflex Hormonal method, you are able to offer your clients a very specific and fast results.

What You´ll Learn 
Methodologies for Hormonal problems:

- Methodology of hormonal test
- Methodology of hormonal treatment protocols for Face- and foot reflex therapy
- Methodologies for all Hormonal unbalances
  Incl. Menopause and for Infertility problems
- Manual techniques of Facial therapy
- Manual technique of Neuro Foot Reflex therapy
- Dietary supplements
- Diet

Facial Reflex therapy can relief the effects of pre-menopause, during menopause and post-menopause for symptoms such as:

- Weak blood vessels
- Loss of sexual desire
- Sleeping trouble
- Cold hands and feet
- Mood swings
- Fading memory
- Depression and other emotional disorders
-  Impulses to convert cholesterol
- Density of bones
- The serotonin level (neurotransmitter of the brain)
 - High levels of cholesterol
-  High blood pressure, 
-  Painful joints and osteoporosis
-  Vaginal and skin dryness and bladder prolapse, tumor’s in ovaries (PCO) and breast or fibroma in the uterus.

The Hormonal course offers the experience of more than 38 years of Lone Sorensen experience and a database of combinations of treatments for every kind of hormonal problems or conditions.

This course offers content on the latest researches around the
Date Sensitive
Must Register Before December 1st, 2016
Date: Feb, 17-18, 2017
Location: Fort Lauderdale, FL
Venue: Announced at a later date
Tuition  $495

Contact To Register 
Toni S Wyatt
704-640-3278   Phone or Text   Email                                                 Registration Form

Temprana Reflex Therapy  Sorensensistem™  
Temprana Course

Instructor Lone Sorensen

Check Back for Webinar course of Temprana

Hands on Temprana Course Tuition $6,800.00 USD
Course includes all materials and twenty five days,  175 CE hours and practical.
Course is laid out in FIVE (5) separate modules lasting FIVE (5) days each module.
There will be a three (3) month span separating the modules to allow for independent study and practice.

All Temprana Dates
Module 1        To-Be-Determined
Module 2                            
Module 3                   
Module 4                
Module 5              

Date: TBA
Location:  North Carolina
Venue:  To Be Announced


Register with $500 Deposit to confirm your place in class. Balance to be paid, 

at latest, 4 weeks before each module

Module 1-2-3-4-5, Tuition each module $1360 USD

When making Credit Card payments convenience fees will apply.

Five, five (5) day classes

To receive your diploma 175 in class CE Hours With Independent Documentation of one case study of a
Temprana Client
to complete course

Contact Toni Wyatt for Details 704-640-3278 or Email               

Salisbury, NC

To Register contact
Toni Wyatt 704-640-3278
TCM and Neuro Foot Reflexology Sorensensistem™
Instructor Toni Wyatt                                                                                                 

Not Yet Confirmed for
Module 1      January 21 & 22,  2017
Module 2      March                  2017
Module 3      April                    2017
Module 4      May                    2017  
Module 5      June                   2017
Module 6      August                2017
Module 7      September            2017

Tuition $575 USD each two (2) day module                 

Location Salisbury, NC

Venue:Body & Sole Integrative Health
205 E. Council St. Suite A
Salisbury, NC  28144
 Registration Form 

Facial Reflexology Sorensensistem™                                  
Instructor Toni Wyatt

Location Salisbury, NC

Tuition  Full Course $2250 USD
Location: Salisnury, NC
Venue: Body & Sole

205 E Council St Suite A
Salisbury, NC, 28147

Time   9am-5pm

Not Yet Confirmed for
Module 1   April 2017
Module 2   May 2017
Module 3   June 2017
Module 4   July 2017
Module 5   August 2017

Contact Toni Wyatt for Details 704-640-3278 or Email

 Introduction to Facial ReflexologyRegistration
Facial Reflex Therapy 1-5